About Me

I am Mariya and I am a Family Photographer based in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Newborn and children's photography is my passion and photography of choice.

As a mom, I know how precious those first days of your child's life are. I also know how fast they go by. In the moment, it seems that time is standing still and a newborn will remain a newborn forever, but, in not even a blink of an eye, they turn into amazing fully functioning walking and talking little people. The moment is gone and it is a life long regret if it was not captured.

It is a privilege to be able to preserve these fast passing moments and touch a family in such a way that they will remember you forever. 

My approach to the sessions is relaxed and laid back. It is not only about the newborn, but also about the parents. Babies sense tension. If the parents are nervous, uncomfortable, or rushed, the baby will feel it. The baby will never want to leave mommy arms, yet alone for the pictures to be taken. 

I love photographing newborns, but I am not a volume photographer. My goal is not to pack as many photo sessions as possible into a short period of time. I value quality of experience for both myself and my clients. I take great pride and enjoyment in my work. 

In post-production of the session, I ensure that my clients get what they asked for. It is also important for me to love the images I provide. This is why I meticulously correct every image to ensure that the images provided are beautiful to their full potential. 

While Newborn Photography is my focus, I also enjoy infant photography, children's photography, family photography, and events photography. My personal approach remains the same for every photo session I am a part of. 

If you are interested in my art and if you are interested in learning more about my photography journey, please contact me. 

Thank you and will see you soon,